Thursday, June 21, 2012

April showers brought May flowers

I know June's almost out, but I'm getting toward the end of a six-day workshop so I thought I'd go easy today. Kind of reprise the self-publishing thing, but as a photo retrospective.

For a while I've been posting photos onto Tumblr of flowers I encounter every day as I walk or ride my bike through the streets of my neighborhood in Berkeley, California. As I've said before, people in Berkeley -- omitting my black-thumbed self, I'm afraid -- are terrific and generous gardeners. We've got some of the loveliest front yards of anyplace I've ever been. Anyway, in May I posted some color-themed collages: white, red, pink, purple, yellow.

Today, in this blog post, I'm picking a 'best of' each color. Feel free to visit One Finger Clicking, on Tumblr, for more...

I hope you're having a bloomin' fine week...

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