Thursday, October 27, 2011

Microblogging on Tumblr

The other day, extrapolating from a comment-exchange with Steven Long about Facebook usernames, author pages, and staking out intertube domains, I got myself a Tumblr account. I'm thinking I'll use it to post photos, mostly images I snap around town, maybe a bit of captioning and tagging. After all, the platform is all about microblogging.

I'm calling my Tumblr "One Finger Clicking." Too clever by half, no? A third, maybe? The URL is

I'm a word-person, not so much an image-person, so tilting at Tumblr is partly about challenging my usual habits and patterns of expression. I don't imagine for a moment that I'm setting up for a switch, I expect One Finger Typing, this blog, to be active for a good long while. If I keep at it, Tumblr will probably turn out to be a sideshow.

To date, I've never gotten serious about posting images to services like Flickr or Picassa, and while I'm inspired by my friend & colleague Quinn's picture-a-day on the Flickr platform I'm certain I'll never be that consistent ... and I'll never, ever catch up to her full body of work -- nearly 60,000 images to-date.

Will Tumblr be worth the bother? Will anybody care? Is Tumblr redundant if I already use Twitter? Is a secondary blog, albeit micro and image-focused, a silly diversion? What do you think?


  1. What timing! I just started my first Tumblr today, to post a series of photos that will hopefully cheer up my coworkers. I'm posting them privately to Flickr, to make them easier to find along with the rest of my stuff, but Tumblr has a much nicer interface than Flickr sets for putting together curated galleries. I'm thinking of moving Women, Snakes and Stalkers there, too-- already a lot of those covers get posted to Tumblr by other people.

  2. @Quinn -- brilliant! Keep posting cat photos and you'll have zillions of followers in no time ...

  3. I love the idea of you posting pictures from your walks...I find it oddly comforting to look at them. Lindy